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You Made It! Here's all the news....Earthy tones, Rustic homes,
Chai spiced tea and Forest Spring leaves,
These are a few of My favourite things.

Hey there, thanks so much for popping over here to check me out!

I am Celeste, and along with my husband we have created Precious Pearl Photography a brand that speaks for itself but in three words; rustic, personal and authentic. Leading Newborn Photographer in Adelaide In essence you’ve discovered my ‘Art Book’. I have been photographing families since 2009 and each year my love for what I do grows more and more, nothing would thrill me more than to create for your family works of art that you will cherish for years to come. My fantastic husband also works really hard behind the scenes capturing stunning maternity, family and wedding photographs. We are an Home Studio Based Photography Business just 2 minutes from Westfield Marion. If you are a bit of a hike away from us; please don’t stress! Did you know a bit of a car ride settles a newborn babe and often means they are nice and soothed ready for us to photograph their adorable little face.

Thanks for clicking here to read more! let me tell you some things you don’t know!If I’m not glued to my computer screen or jotting down crazy scribbles in my note book for my next ‘big idea’ or on a deep brainstorming frenzy till 12am.. then I’m doing what I love to do most, cuddling the kids and chatting deep with my hubby, getting into the sun and outdoors and exploring walking tracks and swimming in the big deep ocean. I’ve almost always got my big mug filled with tea, a song in my heart or an informative podcast on my playlist, and I eat at Grill’d Healthy Burgers in Marion way more times than I can count!

I am a very keepsake, archival, sentimental type of girl, which shows in the way I run my brand, from perfect little products to big mind blowing wall art, there’s always something to touch, see and relish in my studio and around my home. So you’re going to be a Mum? or you are one! Then you’ll relate and know what I mean by this; it’s all those beautiful hand written notes from friends in a by gone year, love letters from hubby, first pictures drawn from my 2 year old when she first discovered the pencil and paper, these are all the most valuable priceless little pieces in my life that make up a puzzle I am still figuring out and putting together every day. I live to create the ultimate end to a beautiful story being told each moment I take a breath. It all started when I was born, and so will it start when you birth your little one into the world, a new puzzle will begin to unfold, a new story, a life to behold.

That’s why for me bringing joy and life to families is the most rewarding of all experiences to be had, with my style and flow there’s always a new adventure to be had, new sets to be created, I make sure that no two sessions are the same and every moment shared with a new family is an experience I tuck in my heart, never to be forgotten.

Life can get “oh so busy”, and putting things off seems to be a new trend in our culture, but if we can all just stop and take a moment to remember what matters most and what we truly want to be looking at everyday; isn’t it the lives and people around us who are most close to us that we want to wake up to every morning? Seeing their faces upon the walls of our homes, filling our hearts with love and appreciation every time we look upon them. We all know that “Empty Walls Never Get Noticed” and it’s all about Making home - home - wether we rent or own. It’s all in what you make it to be.

There’s a real sense where our family becomes yours as I open my home studio to you and create something truly real. Amidst the chaos of being a wife, a mum, raising a family, work life, and all the little things that just need to be done everyday, I am on par with how you feel and how easy it can be to forget to relax and celebrate this beautiful thing we call family, so that’s why I am so passionate about taking the most beautiful, elegant and breath-taking photography. I ask myself daily “Which of my photographs is my favourite?”... and the answer is always this.... “The one I will take tomorrow!”I would love that photo to be yours! Let us stop time together, because little ones are not that little for very long. Every day is beautiful.

As photographers, we understand that the last thing you want right now is stress and big commitments are we right? That's why we make sure you will only invest in a finished product that you have seen first, there is absolutely no need to commit to any big upfront package. We present only fully finished and edited work, nothing half done and therefore it saves the worry of 'hoping' your photos turn out ok. With us you only purchase what you absolutely need and love, and our job is to make sure you make the right investment for you.

We are totally mum friendly, newborn sessions are a relaxed 2.5 - 3 hours, you as a mum and dad can literally sit, relax, have tea and coffee and nibbles and you don't need to lift a finger due to us working with an assistant, we really prefer to let you feel like a Queen and King for a day, after all you've just brought a little life into the world and that's a big achievement.

We are creative but with balance, too much creativity is overkill, so with us; less is more, we will focus on one very special creative set while keeping the other two sets very simple and neutral to give a perfect trio for the wall. Family and sibling photos are included in all of our sessions and we delight to capture real moments and do away with the 'stock standard' poses.

Not one of my collections will leave you empty handed, each one has been carefully put together to include something tangible and lasting, for this reason while we do provide digital images, we also wouldn't want for you to be on your way home simply with a USB of dossier.

We work hard to create art work, our goal and passion is to have a final product that will look precious on your wall. From framed pieces, to big and little prints, we have something timeless for everyone. This is why we ensure each set and colour scheme used will match your home, nursery and living room.

Safety is paramount to us, therefore we always make sure to have our hands on your baby at all times when posing them in difficult poses such as the 'froggy pose' or in other places we will actually edit your baby into a digital composite that would instead put your baby at risk if actually performed, such as a hanging basket. It's important to us that you feel absolutely confident about using us as your photographers.

We would love to be a part of your journey and can not wait to meet you.

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Because artist’s behind lenses see something more than meets the eye,
A sleeping precious baby, forever being sung their lullaby.


Newborn Session Fee $170
Maternity & Newborn Session Fee $230
Digital Collections Start At $580
Lifestyle Minis Start At $300  

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