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30 minute Mini Sessions,  creating memories together that your kids, and dad will love you all the more for.


FATHER'S DAY MINIS | The Gift Voucher

Memories simply make for the best gifts.

Our Precious Pearl gift voucher is an experience and a memory wrapped into one perfect and thoughtful present. So give the gift of heartfelt life-long memories or bring the family together and make a new tradition.


   A half hour professional photography session at our studios for your family.

    Tea/coffee refreshments while you view the photos on the same day.

   A bespoke same day 5×7 glossy print- for your home to gift Dad.

   Options to upgrade and purchase additional beautiful images if you wish.


LIVE COUNTDOWN…… 11 Spots Left! Get in quickly if you want a spot!

Father’s, the joy of every child’s life when you walk in the front door and give them cuddles and tickles.


Let’s get talking about Dad’s, we all know photos are not the first thing on your bucket list, and you almost already own everything you really want and need in life, but let’s open the door to why photos are a gift you may not think to choose, but will absolutely love seeing in your home every morning when you leave for work or even having some to take with you in your wallet or to sit on your desk smiling up at you all day.


Let's Chat about those FAQ'S we know all Dad's Have!

Click to view some of our most popular questions that Dad’s may have….

We want all Dad's on board, so we're going to tackle some of the top questions and reasons why we think Dad's might hold back from celebrating with family photos!
  • I don’t want to be behind the camera, do I have to be and why? 

So you absolutely are not going to be ‘forced’ to be in any photos, we all understand you may just want some beautiful memories of your kids for Father’s Day and don’t want to be in the limelight. However, we absolutely encourage you to loosen up on the worry and allow yourself to enjoy for just 30 minutes of your time, a fun, wonderful & relaxed time tickling, hugging, and playing with your kids, after all it will be quick and easy, we won’t do those cringy awkward poses, we let you be yourself, and you’re kids will absolutely love you for the memories made together, even if you think you feel like “an all time goober”! Trust us, the Dad’s who make the effort, never regret it!

  • Are photos really worth the cost and the effort? What’s in it for me?

Well, we are photographers, so we’re going to be a little biased here, but one thing we will say is that we too are parents and we know how ridiculously fast our little ones are growing up before our eyes each day! Booking a mini takes the pressure off our ‘big ticket’ packages because we keep the shoot simple and sweet we have been able to keep our costs low. As for the effort, it really is worth it, maybe in the immediate it may feel like chaos to organise the kids and come out of your way for photos…. but as the years fly past we guarantee that these will be the photos you pull out to reminisce on when your kids are grow and all moved out of home. Not to pull the sob story, but it’s going to happen and we’re all about making Dad’s feel like the hero’s they are for raising kids as special as yours.


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We can see you’re keen to know some more about our Father’s Day Mini Sessions and we would absolutely love to have you here in our beautiful studio. Simply drop your deets in the box and we will be in touch.

Creating Unforgettable Experiences

Physical & digital vouchers available. Simply choose the right experience for yourself or a loved one below.
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I remember back in the day driving in my car with all my mates and seeing people on the beach having a photo shoot, thinking have a look at these idiots .. now a few years later down the track I have a little family and I’m now one of those idiots getting their photos taken on the beach


It was a great experience tho and grateful we got to capture some priceless moments. It was also our babies first time at the beach and they loved it especially our lil girl 😍

From a really cool Dad! (Beach Shoot Client -Sept 2021)

This is how memories are made....

Take a watch of this gorgeous little girl from her Dad’s testimonial above of her first time ever at the beach. The joy is utterly priceless, so Dad’s if you won’t book a mini for yourself, book it for your kids! They will love their time at their photo experience with us. 

What is the early bird offer, and what does it mean when it has ended?

If you’re reading this right now it means that our entry offer for our Father’s Day mini sessions are only $85! This ends on the 11th of August, and you can count down with us with our LIVE countdown bar when you scroll back up on this page! After this date our session fee will be $185 as the base price. Right now you can choose to book our $185 upgrade option which is packed with way more value however it is only optional while the early bird offer is in place.

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Don’t miss it, if you want to get one of only 10 spots for our Father’s Day Mini Sessions running this month, be a part of creating memories as the perfect gift!

We can't wait to meet you!

We’ll be seeing you in the studio real soon and this is an awesome opportunity to bring your precious little family together for some fun, laughs, and cuddles and then to be able to gift Daddy these gorgeous photos on Father’s Day! What an awesome present!

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