12Terms and Conditions for Gift Vouchers, Gifted Credit, Specials and all General Sales.

In making a booking with Precious Pearl Photography I agree to the following:

In making a booking with us over the phone, or if you make a payment via our square terminal or via bank transfer or paying the invoice you are automatically agreeing to the following terms and conditions (these terms have been linked on the paid advert or giveaway you entered, they are also listed on our website and we trust people read our terms before making a booking with us either via an advert, giveaway or through social media messenger or over the phone.)


* I understand I will see all my photos at my viewing appointment and be given time to consider package options and place my order at the appointment


* I understand I am responsible for the payment of packages or a deposit towards my package on the day of my appointment and to come prepared


* I understand that Precious Pearl Photography requires a gift product purchase starting from $650 to receive the included matted art print if I have opted for the $100 voucher. (If opted for the $395 voucher this requirement doesn’t apply)


* I understand my voucher purchase (booking fee) is non refundable. This was included in the terms and conditions for the advert or giveaway or special offer I booked through.


* I understand that Precious Pearl Photography have lots of beautiful options that range between $650 – $1460 for simple collections and $1865 – $7,500 for our luxury collections and can be done on payment plans ranging from $63 – $102 a fortnight over 12-36 months.


* I understand that if I need to reschedule my appointment to a different date, the session fee can be transferrable as long as the reschedule request is made at least 12 days before the original booking date. In the event of a no-show or cancellation without a re-booking a $150 administration fee will be charged. The fee will also apply for failing to reschedule appointment prior to 12 days before your booking, therefore any last minute cancelations outside of this window will also incur the $150 fee, however this can be credited towards your minimum spend when you do reschedule. I am aware that if I do reschedule, I will need to do so within six weeks from the original booking date, if I’m unable the reschedule in this time frame, the $150 fee will apply even if notice was given 12 days prior to the original booking date.


* I understand that if I cancel my session altogether I will loose my voucher booking fee and be required to pay an additional $190 administration fee.

* I understand my card used for payment is securely stored according to the Square Privacy Policy. Your card may only be charged in direct association with your booking, including booking fee, products, cancellation, reschedule and damages. As you have agreed to these Terms and Conditions when booking your session and verbally notified your card will be stored, in the unlikely event fees are required your card may be charged in line with Australian Consumer Law. 

Model Release: These T&C’s serve as a model release giving the Photographer the irrevocable right to use the photographs in all forms and in all media and in all manners, without any restriction as to changes or alterations, for advertising, trade, promotion, exhibition, or any other lawful purposes. The Photographer can grant use of the images to third parties and all compensation for use and credit for the images remain the property of Celeste. Client waives any right to inspect or approve the photograph(s), finished version(s) incorporating the photograph(s), or the use to which it may be applied, including written copy that may be created and appear in connection therewith. This release is binding on the Client, their legal representatives, heirs, and assigns.


Additional terms and conditions:

1. The voucher or credit is not exchangeable for monitory value and can not be credited towards anything other than what it states.

2. The $100 towards wall art gained when registering your voucher within 7 days of receiving it can only be credited towards a wall art collection and not to any other collection or any individual print or product unless term specify.

3. The gift voucher can not be passed onto anyone other than the owner of the voucher unless given strict permission by Celeste.

4. The gift voucher does not include the digital files, these are additional and full prices will be seen on the website or in your contract.

5.    These Terms and Conditions may be varied at any time, with or without notice to you, at our sole discretion. You accept that these must be read in conjunction with the current Terms and Conditions available at: www.preciouspearlphotography.com on the bottom of the website.

6. The gift voucher can be used within 6 months from the time of receiving.

7. Holding/booking fees or sale bookings ie; FOTY discounted sessions bookings are non refundable if you choose not to proceed with your booking after paying a holding fee. We also require an additional $190 cancelation fee and holding fees are not considered a credit towards a cancelation fee, these two are seperate. If you have booked and paid for a session over the phone or via a web link and paid a $60+ or more holding/booking fee and then choose not to proceed with the booking the $60+ session fee is forfeited along with a $190 cancelation fee, this is because we go into a lot to organise your session immediately after the call, not limited to ordering your voucher and having it posted out from our online portal the exact same day as your booking, contacting your photographer for the day and arranging their roster around your session they have to take the day off from their other job placements for your session, asking our admin staff to email your booking confirmation, invoice and questionnaire and we being planning your special day with your photographer. Even in the case of letting us know the same day of booking that you wish to cancel, if it has been more than 1 hour post phone call we will have already done all the above admin tasks and ordering of your voucher and taking much time to arrange your booking. Therefore the cancelation fee still applies, the only way to redeem and avoid the cancelation fee is if photographer gives you permission to secure another family to replace your session and booking date within 24 hours from booking.

8. Maternity Bookings: When booking in using a gift voucher, if you choose to book a newborn session and in addition take advantage of our complimentary maternity session, please note this session is only complimentary on the basis of proceeding with the newborn session (attending and staying for the ordering appointment). On the basis you decide not to proceed with the newborn session after having had your maternity session an $190 cancelation fee will apply, as well as no refund on your holding fee, or you having to repay your holding fee on the basis we took it off your collection of choice. Also you will need to pay the $160 session fee to cover our time spent on your maternity session. We do not offer maternity sessions without a newborn session therefore in forfeiting your gift voucher which only applies to the newborn session, you also forfeit the voucher covering a complimentary maternity session which now means you will have to pay the full costs applicable to a maternity session on its stand alone prices, especially since you have already received your images and session. In other words, these costs cease to be complimentary if you forfeit the newborn session. As such you are not entitled to any savings with regard to the maternity session – savings that are reserved for newborn customers only. The complimentary features of your gift voucher were also restricted to the newborn session, (being a newborn voucher), and the complimentary matted print was for a newborn image, not a maternity, so that is forfeited also by not going ahead with the newborn session, and cannot be used in lieu of anything else. The voucher is not exchangeable for monitory value and can not be credited towards a maternity session or collection. Likewise the holding fee is to be credited towards a newborn collection only. We do not release the maternity images until the newborn ordering appointment has taken place apart from one sneak peak image on facebook.

9. The voucher can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount and or sale.

10. Gift vouchers and sale price bookings (ie; $60-$100 sales, or FOTY bookings) are an entry card into the studio and we require a full session and ordering appointment to take place before releasing any value or product the gift voucher offers. A model call comes under the same terms as a Gift Voucher as your session fee was gifted, therefore any sales made following a model call hold to the same conditions in these terms. If you come to a session and choose not to spend anything, while there is no obligation to purchase, if we feel you mislead or informed us incorrectly in your original contact with us about your intentions of booking or winning a voucher with us, or booking a sale price, that your intentions were made to us that you would like to upgrade your family photos or spend money with us or your questionnaire states in anyway your desire to have more than just “free stuff”, which is a box ticked when you fill out any of our forms, we have the right to request a $170 fee for our time being used in a way different to what we had expected if you attend a session and viewing and don’t spend, we also don’t allow you to attend your session if you inform us beforehand that you have no intention to spend, this would then come under clause 7 about paying cancelation fees or replacing your booking with a friend or family member to take your spot. (See point 12 regarding purchases). $60-$100 sales include bonus prints or credits only with the purchase of a collection, unless otherwise specified.

11. We do not choose images for the client, the client must stay to order their images and any walk outs before finishing a viewing and ordering appointment will incur a rescheduling fee of $150 if you wish to receive any value the gift voucher offers. The 8×10 matted print listed on the gift voucher is remediable only once a purchase of one of my collections is made as the contract mentions “A 1.5-3 hour photo session is gifted “then choose one of my collections”. Our full price list is given in the welcome/contract email. In the case of a paid for booking or sale price booking in which a rough package has been chosen and culled to but client doesn’t make any payment on the day towards this choice and decides they need additional time to decide on this collection over a 2 day period, a 10% surcharge on the chosen package will be charged for not having made the decision inside the viewing appointment, if further culling is required to a lower collection a $150 re-culling fee will apply to select a different collection on the price list. Where a client has already culled to a collection and needs to discuss or think further on their going ahead with this collection and later (within 2 days) decides to only go ahead with the sale price and not a collection after already having a viewing appointment and needs to cull down to only what the sale price includes, we reiterate that we do not choose these images for clients and in this case a $500 re-culling fee will apply because of a an additional day and time slot that your photographer has to put aside only to cull to what should have been decided upon in your time already given to you to make that choice in your first viewing appointment.

12. All purchases through Precious Pearl Photography, PayRight, Ezy Pay or any agreed method of payment is final, a collection cannot be altered to a lesser value, only a greater value. There are absolutely no refunds or downgrades on any collection of purchase. Our sales are final and orders go to production the same day as your order is put through our system. If you choose to avoid payments through any of these methods agreed upon, late fees will be incurred. Along with if work has already been completed on package products including, but not limited to, edited files, prints, albums, canvas’ and folio boxes and you have avoided payment, this will also be invoiced at our hourly rate of $550 per hour spent. This also means that there are no cancelations of payment plans. If all fee’s are not paid within (7) days of of us warning you on two or more occasions to pay your payment plan agreement, or if you simply refuse to pay your collection off, legal action will be stringently pursued against you for breach of this legally binding contract. (These terms apply for all our general sales, and for any bookings made of your own accord and are not limited to gift vouchers or gifted credit purchases only, these terms apply for every sale put through our system)

13. Why choices must be made in your viewing appointment and we don’t allow for change of mind or “time to think”: When we first reach out to you initially to make your booking or secure your voucher we make sure you have the price list well in advance and sign to say you’ve looked at the pricing alone or with your partner, this is in the terms before you arrive so I have peace of mind that our appointment isn’t really all “new news” but rather that we are just finalising your final choice based on you having already looked over my PDF/price list and options. This price list was attached in your contract and your questionnaire filled out before arrival shows me if you have ticked the box saying you’ve looked through the PDF and have a good understanding of our collections, this is then the basis I proceed with the viewing/ordering appointment and allow for 2 hours to make that choice. This means that there is no pressure on the day, I will just simply go through the images, let you choose your favourites, then I allow time for you in private to chat amongst yourselves and look over the price list once again and then come back in, answer any questions and help with the choice if you need it. I run my business in a way that should be smooth sailing for both parties. If a cline attends the appointment unprepared but has indicated to me in their questionnaire and told me that they have prepared I am not to be held responsible for your lack of preparation in having not looked at my pricing in advance. All my forms and questionnaires are built so as for me to avoid people saying they felt rushed and or didn’t know the prices etc. I really am relaxed in my viewing appointments and never place pressure on people, but the appointment is to make the final decision, not a “pre decision”, that pre decision from my perspective was to be made before you came in and the appointment acts as the final choice of that discussion you’ve already had together before arriving. If I did appointments in which everyone went home to have even more time to decide, I’d then have to put away another time slot to process payments, sign up plans and arrange the choices in products etc all of which is why I have an appointment to finalise those choices over one sitting, not over two sittings which would create a lot more work and time for myself. We require all decision makers to be present at the time of the viewing appointment and therefore any decisions made for orders and sales paid for will not be subject to the approval of those who have not attended the viewing/ordering appointment. All decisions made therefore by the person or parties present will be responsible for their choices and we do not cancel or downgrade orders due to change of mind, or disagreement of the persons decision by other parties, family members or partners who were not present at the appointment.

14. Deposits made on collections or any purchase by any form of payment are non refundable.

Thank you for understanding all our terms and conditions and we can’t wait to work with you.

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