Why Some Parents Choose not to photograph their Newborns first weeks in this world: 

Medical Concerns: Newborns are delicate, and some babies may have medical conditions or be born prematurely, making them more vulnerable. In such cases, parents may opt not to have a newborn photography session to prioritize the baby’s health and comfort. We respect and honour a families decision to prioritise health over momentos.


As a professional service we have all undergone baby safety and handling training. with two hands and eyes on bub at all times, safety is our number one priority. All of our props and poses are natural and are not forcing baby into any unsafe situations. So although it can be a stressful time for new parents its absolutely the safest place to be.

For more extreeme safety concerns such as oxygen tubes, skin issues and disability, Celeste the business owner is very experienced and will work with parents to ensure comfort and modify the session as necessary. 

Privacy Concerns: Some parents value their family’s privacy and choose not to have a newborn photography session to maintain a lower profile. They may be uncomfortable with the idea of sharing intimate family moments. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to have these moments recorded, just for your selves. As very visual based business we are all about the social media and sharing images- except for when you ask us not to. We are more than happy to remove model clause out of your booking and respect your families choice to remain private. As a large company we can do this very easily as much as we would love to share all your beautiful photos to grow our business, we dont need to as there are many other families happy to jump in the spot light and you can hang back keeping these special intimate memories just for yourselves.


Budget Constraints:  Most of our clients purchase packages of photos from us these can range anywhere from $500 to $5000, and not all families are in a financial position to invest in professional photography.


This is a true definition of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We have many ways of making our photoshoots accessible.

1: Join our mailing list and watch out for specials, seasonal deals and cancellation spots

2: Give-away Competitions , we now run 6-8 give aways per year! If you are not the main prize winner you might win a runners up prize which is a highly discounted session, usually less than $100

3: Buy a package upfront. Always cheaper to buy a small package upfront then add on if you want extras. These packages are $250-$500

4: Payment plans, lay buy and afterpay. Just can’t afford it right now? 

Most of our parents are new and often on single income, waiting for benefits or maternity leave pay. 95% of our clients are in this exact situation and trust us in a year or two things will finacially cool down for you. So buy now, pay later. The fees are very amenable, are included in your package price and are interest free for up to 24 months. Our most popular keepsake collections include digital images, keepsake items and wall art and start from just $33 per week. 


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