Capturing Cherished Moments: Unveiling Our Staff’s Favourite Newborn Photography Setups

Have you got a Newborn Family Session coming up and have been scrolling all our images on instagram, pondering what set up will I get? If you have some favourites please include them in your questionnaire so we can capture these images that have drawn your heart. But if you are more of a go with the flow kinda girl who struggles to choose what cereal to have for breakfast, let alone the colours for newborn props that will be on your wall forever, but still you want something special and unique, read on to see how our studio photographers pick set ups.

we believe in tailoring each photoshoot to our clients’ unique stories, embracing their journey through a personalised questionnaire and infusing our own creative flair. While every session is a canvas for innovation, our talented photographers have their favorite setups, outfits, and poses that add a touch of magic to our work.

Paige’s Enchanting Foxes and Baby Burritos:   

Paige is a whimsical artist who adorns newborns in the most enchanting outfits, turning them into adorable little foxes and snug baby burritos. Paige’s love for these setups creates fun heartwarming images that tell stories of innocence and wonder. The vibrant and playful energy she brings to each session makes her setups a client favourite.


Celeste’s Cocoon of Comfort:

  • For Celeste, wrapping newborns in tight, fluffy white wraps is not just a pose—it’s an art. Inspired by the purity and simplicity of a newborn, she creates images that evoke a sense of serenity and warmth. The tight wraps transform babies from wriggly crying and pooping machines into precious little eggs, symbolizing a new cocoon and purity of spirit. Celeste’s setups are calm, elegant and and timeless.

At Precious Pearl Photography, even though our specialty is newborns our commitment is not just to capture poses and set ups but to curate your first family experiences. Each photoshoot is a collaboration, a unique blend of our creative expertise and the distinctive personalities of the families we photograph. Paige’s foxes and bucket shots, Celeste’s cozy wraps and candid family imagery as well as all of our other diverse family poses are just a glimpse into the artistry that defines our studio. Join us in the celebration of new beginnings, creating memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

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