A lot of newborn photographers will suggest to book your newborn session by the second or third trimester and to have your baby photographed in the first two weeks of life, we are going to show you how and why we personally break those rules a little and the pros and cons of why we take a little bit of a different take on it.

Some photographers are scared that if you book too early or photograph too late one of two things could do wrong, lets get those misconceptions out of the way first:

If I book before my third trimester something could go wrong, or I might no longer feel up for newborn photos after having a baby so I should wait till baby is born or book right before I am due.

Our Answer: We don’t think it’s beneficial to be thinking on the negative projectory about your newborn photos, for starters you’ve already achieved a miracle, a little life living inside your womb, and you want to give yourself joy and excitement, something to be proud of and something to look forward to, what better way to celebrate your newfound news with booking newborn photos to anticipate! Yes, something could go wrong, but if and when it did we would look after you and work out something to make you feel valued and access your personal situation, until then, celebrate! Secondly, you may not feel up for having newborn photos as you get towards the end of your third trimester, all you’re thinking about is having this baby and feeling more yourself again, but this takes time, photos are about making you look and feel like a queen and we have all the skills, plus a beautiful client wardrobe to make you feel stunning and breathe in beautiful moments with your baby, after all its not just about how you feel outwardly, but rather how you feel about your new love for your baby.

Babies, the joy of every home.

The next misconception would be that babies can only be booked within the first two weeks of life, while this is ideal in some ways, it’s not always possible, and not actually always necessary. Let us explain in detail;

Babies generally tend to be more sleepy in the first two weeks of life, but not always, some newborns decide to be wide awake their entire session, I never forget photographing a 7 day old baby boy who would not close his eyes even once in his entire 3 hour photo session no matter how many things we tried, however he was super cute and made for really sweet open eyed keepsakes.

I have however on the other side had 4 week old sleep a treat and being that they are a little more filled out into their own skin and have a bit more fat on them I tend to find they stay warmer and fill our props a little better. Either way you don’t need to be alarmed if for some reason you can’t get till us until your baby is a little older. We really are happy to photograph your baby at any age! We certainly wont be turning families or babies away because they are older than 2 weeks, while we know many other photographers may tend to do this.

However to ensure you do get a spot in our very busy calendar we recommend you book your newborn shoot within the first or second trimester and we will schedule this roughly 7 days after your official due date to allow us to get your baby into the studio within those first two weeks of life, and if baby arrives early or late we can always move your session according to when your baby arrives. 


To summarise we absolutely encourage you to book a photo session in for yourself as a little celebration for you and your partner, and to give yourself something very exciting to look forward to! 

While you might think holding back on booking is a good idea, you’ll need to consider that there is an entire group of people that will actually decide to book as soon as they find out they are pregnant which means we book out a long way in advance, and so if you do decide to leave it too late or until after baby is born you may find we simply don’t have the availability any more which would be completely devastating for you if you have your heart set on our work! So make sure you get in just as soon as you can.

Take a moment to breath in and enjoy your pregnancy

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