Family Fun On The Beach

Our photoshoots are all about candid family moments. Your family being yourselves and the kids playing free-ly on the beach. 

But of course you also want stunning photos. 

We start with a simple few posed photos – right at the very start of the shoot when we have the best attention of the little ones and then it is all fun in the sun! 

It’s not all crazy running and an un-controlled mess. We do prompt you and your family to partake in some lovely mini-games or motions to encourage some of these moments to happen naturally. 

Some of the prompts you may get include

Sea shell hunt: 

“Who can find a “big shell” or a “pink shell” ?  

“First one to find and curly shell jump up in the air and say CURLY WHIRLY” 

“Show me your shells, give the cutest little baby shell to dad and he will give you a big daddy cuddle as payment” 

Sneak up on mum and Dad

This one is a favourite with all of our photographers as it is a really great way to start the shoot. It allows the kids to have the control, be a little cheeky and establish trust with the photographer. 

Photographer will pose mum and dad on the beach rug then ask the kids to come about 10 metres behind you. We have a little secret meeting where we ask the kids if they want to play a fun game. I am going to run to the other side to take photos of mum and dad, you stay here and when I say 3 run up behind them and tickle them on the ears and jump and climb over them onto their laps! 1, 2 …….3! 


Photographer will pose mum and dad on the ground with the waterline and sunset in the background. This is a cute time to get a sneaky couples photo in with your family shoot. 

Then call over the kids to come dig and build a sand-castle (or probably just a sand hill) . You can expect cute connected moments and close ups of sandy fingers and toes in this activity. 


If you have young kids we might play “blanket swing” where mum and dad hold the corners of the blanket and the kids sit inside, like a hammock. Now gently swing and rock the blanket.


Photographer will pose the family in a beautiful location like the grassy dunes. Then instead of the standard look at the camera you will get prompts like:

“Look at the person in your family who is the best singer”

“Look at the person in the family who does the loudest burps”

“Look at the person in the family who gives the best cuddles”


All of our well-trained beach photographers are an encyclopaedia of fun prompts for kids and families of all ages and sizes. You will have tickle fights, cuddles, games, and lots and lots of giggles usually ending with family cuddles under the, probably now sandy beach blanket and, in the warmer months, the occasional fun splash war.

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